Accounting Services

Our Tax Consultancy Corporation provides comprehensive services with regard to accounting of small and medium enterprises. The only duty of the Client is to deliver the accounting documents to the Tax Consultancy Corporation promptly and to settle the tax dues on time.

The other activities carried out by our Tax Consultancy Corporation are as follows:

  • organising the accountancy and developing Corporate Chart of Accounts,
  • keeping account books,
  • preparing financial statements for the turnover year,
  • keeping revenue and costs register,
  • keeping and settling the recorded flat rate,
  • keeping the register for the purpose of VAT,
  • filling in monthly tax returns,
  • assistance in starting the business activity,
  • assistance in making a transformation of the legal form of the conducted business activity,
  • legal advice on ending the conducted business activity.

The prices for our services are always adjusted to our clients’ individual needs.
In order to estimate the cost, you are requested to fill in the form.