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HR and payroll services
Running your own business is associated with numerous duties and formal duties, including HR and payroll services complemented by the entrepreneur. At the Tax Advisory Office in Wrocław, we know that the numerous administrative and staffing tasks are not conducive to focusing on what is most important, that is, on the development and good functioning of the business. Therefore, to meet your demand, we offer outsourcing in the field of human resources and payroll. We also provide online consultancy, thanks to which we also cooperate with companies from outside Wrocław through the e-staff and payroll service.

Leaving the payroll service to specialists relieves the entrepreneur from both the obligation to ensure the necessary formalities, compliance of documents and deliver them on time to the relevant authorities, as well as in the financial dimension. Outsourcing of human resources and pay increases the company's efficiency and improves its functioning, and additionally increases the comfort of running one's own business.

Deciding to entrust the staff of our Wroclaw office, you choose the quality of services at the highest level. Our specialists are distinguished by their excellent knowledge and experience in outsourcing in this area, which is why we enjoy the trust of our clients.

Our Law Office in Wrocław provides comprehensive services in the field of broadly understood employee policy. Our duties as part of HR and payroll outsourcing include:

  • preparing payrolls,
  • reparation of tax declarations on employee salaries,
  • reparation of documents related to the establishment of an employment relationship,
  • eeping full employee documentation,
  • reparation of documents related to termination of employment,
  • reparation of application documents and declarations to the Social Security Office,
  • lectronic transmission of documents to the Social Security Office,
  • ettlement of orders and assignments,
  • xamination of the correctness of settlements in the Social Insurance Institution,
  • ther activities resulting from the provisions of labor law.

The prices for our services are always adjusted to our clients’ individual needs.
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